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Your Health, Your Way

Step into a new era of healthcare. Discover personalised health insights from your very own medical records, tailored content and judgement-free consults.
Put yourself in charge.

How We Help

Protect Your Privacy and Security

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  • Keep your data private, secure and encrypted.
  • Choose who can access your health data.
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Digitise Your Health Records

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Give You Clear Answers

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Deliver Judgement-Free Care

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Our Care Philosophy

At Fluent, we want to revolutionise how you manage your health and that of your family's. We provide you with high-quality, personalised options, credible information through trustworthy content, absolute privacy and a safe space to discuss your concerns while you take charge of your healthcare journey.

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As health-conscious people, we believe healthcare should be inclusive, individualised and innovative. Giving people power over their health helps not only them, but their families, communities and economies, globally.

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